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Lecture Demonstration von Raju Shakya (Lalitpur, Nepal)
18.01.2021 von 18:00 bis 19:00

Charya Nritya is a highly specialised dance form from Nepal. Originally, these dances were performed by the tantric priests of the Newar community as part of their spiritual practice. Therefore, the dances were only shown to selected patrons or an initiated audience. The first public performance happened during the World Buddhist Conference in Kathmandu in 1956. Since a decreasing number of younger Vajracharyas took up the traditional role as priests, some members of the community decided to teach the dances to persons from outside the original community, both from Nepal and world-wide. During this process the ritual dances of the Vajracharya community got promoted as national treasury of Nepal, similar to the classical dances of India. The lecture demonstration by Raju Shakya (dancer, teacher and dance scholar) will include practical examples and a discussion of the ritual meaning and the contemporary significance of this dance form.

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