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23. Mai 2022

World-Ecology Conference in Bonn - WERN2022 World-Ecology Conference in Bonn - WERN2022

WERN2022 in Bonn
WERN2022 in Bonn © World Ecology Research Network
Alle Bilder in Originalgröße herunterladen Der Abdruck im Zusammenhang mit der Nachricht ist kostenlos, dabei ist der angegebene Bildautor zu nennen.

Working Environments, Unruly Natures

No Politics of Work without Nature, No Politics of Nature without Work!
Eighth Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, Bonn, June 8-10, 2022

The World-Ecology Research Network is a global conversation of academics, activists, and artists committed to understanding human relations of power, production, and environment-making in the web of life. An evolving conversation rather than a theory, the world-ecology approach is unified by a critique of Nature-Society dualisms, a world-historical interpretation of today‘s planetary crisis, and an emphasis on the porous and constituting relations of race, class, and gender in capitalism‘s environmental history.

You may attend in person or virtually via Zoom, or a combination of both. This registration includes access to all plenaries, panels, and performances.

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For more information please contact us at: soa-bibliothek@uni-bonn.de

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