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02. Dezember 2021

Myanmar in a PodShell with Richard Takhun, PhD Candidate at our department Myanmar in a PodShell

"The Podcast "Myanmar in a Podshell" provides analysis and background information on the situation in Myanmar. In each episode, proven experts have their say to shed light on specific social, political, cultural, religious or economic aspects. In doing so, the broadest possible spectrum of opinions is taken into account. The aim is to bring the different points of view into dialogue in order to bridge the rifts and divisions that have dominated the country and discussions about the country for decades.

The episodes appear at irregular intervals.

The team of the podcast do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by the guests.

Myanmar's politics is full of acronyms. They are also regularly used in the podcast. Our list of most common acronyms gives orientation."

with Richard Takhun who is a PhD Candidate at the department of Asia Studies. He is a political activist, used to live in Mandalay, Myanmar until very recently. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Masters of Economics.


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