Universität Bonn

Abteilung für Mongolistik und Tibetstudien

Bolormaa Boldbaatar

Thesis topic: Traditional ornamental elements, their symbolism and influence on the modern art of Mongolia

since Oct 1, 2019      Doctoral study in Asian and Islamic Art History, IOA. Bonn International Graduate School – Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS)
                                  PhD Project: Traditional ornamental elements, their symbolism and influence on the modern art of Mongolia.
2012-2014                 Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Management of education study.
                                  MA Project: Curriculum Development Methods of GraphicDesign.
2003-2007                 University of Stuttgart, English Studies/History: BA.
1997-2001                 Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Product and Graphic Design. Graduation: BA.

2014-2019                Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, Lecturer in Graphic Design.
2013-2014               „Uguuj-Chikher Boov“ AG, Mongolia. Graphic Designer in Marketing Department.
2010-2018               “Fine art and painting study center” NGO, Mongolia. Art manager.

2020: Buddhistisch inspirierte Mosaikkunst in der Mongolei. In: Mongolische Notizen. Mitteilungen der Deutsch-Mongolischen Gesellschaft Nr. 27/2020: pp. 106-111. Bonn (ISSN 0937-8618).
2017: Influences of the art of ancient drawings on graphic design. In: Field Research Book “Russian Altai". Bembi San Publisher, pp. 105-109. Ulan Bator (ISBN 978-99978-969-3-3).
2016: Society's responsibility for media art. In: Conference Proceedings “The development of media arts - present and future“. Linograf Publisher, pp. 55-62. Ulan Bator.
2016: Photographic processes and archiving of the rock paintings of Rashaan Khad. In: Field Research Book “Rashaan Khad". Bembi San Publisher, pp. 59-60. Ulan Bator (ISBN 978-99962-3-379-1).

20.01.2020 „Monasteries and Buddhist Art in Mongolia”, University of Bonn, Department of Asian and Islamic Art History.
19.06.2019 „Implementing the CDIO in the Graphic Design Curriculum”, Conference “Outcome Based Education-2019”, Ulan Bator.
27.03.2017 „Art and digital evolution“, Conference "Art Studies-2017", MSUAC, Ulan Bator.
09.11.2016 „Society's responsibility for media art“, 20th Anniversary Conference for School of Broadcasting and Media Arts, MSUAC, Ulan Bator.
24.11.2015 „The creative industry in Mongolia“, Faculty of design, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Advancing CDIO Framework for Outcome based Education –Certified Master Trainer. Singapore. Nov 2018.
Cooperation project with FH Dortmund, hdpk Berlin, DAAD und NGO „Nomad Citizens“: Workshop Photography and Visual Communication. Adviser of
MSUAC. Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Aug 2017.
Training on Restoration and Conservation Management of Cultural Heritage for Developing Countries. Central Academy of Cultural Administration.
Beijing, China. Jun-Jul 2016.
Cooperation project with FH-Dortmund, DAAD und NGO „Nomad Citizens”: Workshop for the creation of audio-visual performance. Adviser of MSUAC.
Dortmund, Germany. Nov-Dec 2015.
Field expedition for Petroglyphs „Rashaan Khad“ within the framework of an international and interdisciplinary research project of MSUAC. Province Khentii, Mongolia. Aug 2015.
Interdisciplinary Recycling-Project “Plastic bottle-Sculptur” with GermanMongolian Institute for Resources & Technology (GMIT). Supervisor of  MSUAC. Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Apr-Sep 2015.

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