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Saima Bhaur

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  • Socio-linguistics and linguistic diversity

  • English language teaching in multilingual classes

  • Multilingualism and speech communities

  • Power and politics in regional languages in Pakistan

  • Member of the Teaching and Education Research Association, TERA

  • Member of the Board of Academic Council, University of Central Punjab (UCP)

  • Member of the Editorial Board, UCP Management Review

  • Since 1/2019 enrolled as PhD student at the Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn. Working title of the research: “A Comparative Analysis of Power and Politics: A Case of Sindhi and Punjabi Language in Pakistan”

  • Since 5/2021: Teaching Faculty, Lahore University of Management Sciences, LUMS

  • 2008–2019: Head of the Center for English Language, University of Central Punjab, Lahore

  • Since 7/2008: Adjunct Faculty, Forman Christian College & University, FCCU, Lahore

  • 2012–2014: MPhil in English Language Teaching (ELT). Kinnaird College, Lahore

  • 1992–1996: MA in English Literature, Government College University, Lahore

  • 1984–1986: BA, Kinnaird College, Lahore. Major: English Literature. Minor: European History

  • 26.04.2021: A Comparative Analysis of Power & Politics: A Case of Sindhi and Punjabi Language in Pakistan (Doctoral Colloquium, Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn).

  • 31.05.2021: Writing and Developing Abstracts for PhD Theses and Research Articles (Doctoral Colloquium, Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn).

  • 15.05.2020: Significant Role of Oral Communication and Presentation Skills in Present Times for Under Grad, Post Grad and Mid-career Professionals (ITU Talk series by Information Technology University), Lahore; (https://www.facebook.com/445047635507636/videos/255782198958854).

  • 01.06.2019: Guest lecture responding to Corporate Social Responsibility at a conference organized by WWF on Plastic Waste Management, Ali Institute, Lahore.

  • 15.07.19: Language Teaching in Mixed Ability Classrooms: Applied Research (Conference: St Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge, UK).

  • 05.08.2018: Impact of Multilingualism in Second Language Acquisition (Conference: RSEP International Conferences on Social Issues and Economic Studies, Barcelona, Spain).

  • 28.04.2018: Role of Technology in Writing Skills of Young Learners (Conference: Kuala Lumpur International Business, Economics & Law Conference, KLIBEL 15th, Malaysia).

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