Prerequisite and Required Documents


The doctoral regulations of Bonn's Faculty of Philosophy proposes the following Ph.D. disciplines for the participants of the Graduate School BIGS-OAS to choose from.
  • Arabic Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Indology
  • Islamic Archaeology
  • Islamic Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Mongolian Studies
  • Oriental Art History
  • East Asian History
  • Sinology
  • Southeast Asian Studies
  • Tibetan Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • Comparative Religious Studies

Applications have to be submitted before: 1 July 2024
Please send your documents to:
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After admission to the Graduate School, participants are expected to enroll formally as a doctoral student at the University of Bonn.
To graduate within the framework of BIGS-OAS as a doctoral student, the rules and procedures of the Ph.D. examination process and the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Philosophy apply. The dissertation begins with the registration of the qualification phase and the signing of a supervision agreement between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor. The academic degree obtained is 'Dr. phil.'.

Further information is provided on the pages of the Faculty of Humanities and here222.

The application package must include following documents:

  • a completed Application Form33333
  • copie of the document "Agreement of Supervision"
  • an outline of the proposed doctoral project
  • a curriculum vitae
  • two letters of recommendation
  • copies of all degrees received
  • a copy of the B.A. or M.A. thesis (or an equivalent final paper)
  • evidence of proficiency in the major source or field language relevant to source analysis or the dissertation project
  • proof of proficiency in German or English (not applicable, if applicants are native speakers of German or/and English or if applicants have graduated from an German/English speaking university)

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Applications have to be submitted before: 1 July 2023                                     
Please send your documents to:


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