BIGS-OAS aims to provide young scholars at an early stage of their research with an interdisciplinary and innovative research environment, that will facilitate a creative working atmosphere for doctoral students to independently analyze their research questions. Dissertation projects are not restricted to a certain subject or theme, rather the graduate school promotes projects that are in line with the institutes focus. Furthermore, the graduate school is embedded in existing research structures and is part of an international network of partner institutions.

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Executive Committee and Members

Doctoral students develop their project in close cooperation with their advisor and associated researchers. The current members of the Graduate School are the following faculty authorized to act as supervisors.

Ph.D.Students and Alumni

The BIGS-OAS annually accepts 15 new doctoral candidates; the academic year starts on October 1st. The duration of the program is four years (five years after a B.A. degree.

Associated Institutions
and International cooperations

In close cooperation with involved research networks the graduate school integrates theoretical and methodological approaches for text research, cultural and social sciences, and explores new approaches to enable a fruitful research environment for Asian studies.

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