Maryam Aras


Maryam Aras M.A.
Ph.D. Candidate Iranian Studies
M.A. Oriental Studies, Political Sciences, English/Am. Studies

Ph.D. Project

The Politics of Madḥ in Modern Iran
Supervisor: Prof. Stephan Conermann



  • 'Vampires, Veils and the Western Gaze – Gender Images and the Notion of Beauty from Qajar to Postrevolutionary Iran', in: Whiskin, Margaux (ed.): Iran and the West. Cultural Perceptions from the Sasanian Empire to the Islamic Republic, London: I.B. Tauris, 2018.

  • forthcoming 2018: 'Madh, Music and Martyrdom in Morteza Avini's Revayat-e Fath', in: Talajooy, Saeed (ed.): Culture and Cultural Production in Iran. Literature, Drama, Cinema and Music, London & New York: Rutledge.


  • Review of Tarlan by Fariba Vafi. Anthropology of the Middle East, Vol. 11/ 01 December 2016, pp. 116-119.

  • Rezension von: Nahid Siamdoust: Soundtrack of the Revolution. The Politics of Music in Iran, 2017, in sehepunkte 18 (2018), Nr. 4 (15.04.2018), URL: 

Miscellaneous Work (selected)

  • 'Evoking Karbalāʼ - the Politics of Affect in Iranian Maddāḥī-Rituals', British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Conference 2018: New Approaches to Studying the Middle East, 25-28 June 2018, King's College London

  • 'Who is Bad City? The Weird Landscapes of Ana Lily Amirpour between Tehrangeles and the Texas Wall', Interdisciplinary and International Conference: The American Weird: Ecologies & Geographies 12-14 April 2018, University of Göttingen

  • 'Singing for Karbalāʼ – the Politics of Madḥ and the Mobilisation of Holy Defence in Revolutionary Iran', 33. Deutscher Orientalistentag 09/18-09/22/2017, University of Jena 

  • 'Singing for the System, Singing in Dissent – The Politics of Madḥ in the Islamic Republic', Conference Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present 06/17-06/19/2016, University of Saint Andrews

  • ‘Chimaeras of Happiness - Inner and Outer Exile in the Works of Fariba Vafi and Granaz Moussavi’, XIII Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies 03/17-03/19/2016, University of Catania

  • 'Gender Images and the Notion of Beauty from Qajar to Postrevolutionary Iran' Conference Iran and the West: Converging Perspectives 07/01-07/03/2015, University of Warwick

  • 'Gottesstaat Iran? Zum Konflikt politischer und religiöser Repräsentation in der Islamischen Republik Iran' 1. Nachwuchstagung Iranistik 10/30-1/01/2014, Bonn University

  • Stand-In Lectureship for Prof. M. Gronke Winter 2016, Department for Oriental Studies University of Cologne :

  • M.A. Seminar Iran: Politik und Zeitgeschichte

  • B.A. Seminar Iran: Kultur, Religion und Gesellschaft

  • Lectureship Summer 2014, Gender Studies University of Cologne (GeStiK): 

  • B.A. Seminar Huris, Amrads und der westliche Blick – Genderbilder und Schönheitsideale in Iran (1925-heute)

  • Participation in BRISMES Conference 2018: New Approaches to studying the Middle East, 25-28 June 2018 at King's College London was funded by DAAD - program IPID4all

  • BIGS-OAS Doctoral Scholarship 2016

  • Participation in Conference 'Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present' 06/17-06/19/2016 at University of Saint Andrews was funded by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

Cultural Studies and Politics/Religion of Modern Iran, Iranian Literature and Film, Gender Studies, Diaspora and Identity, Postcolonial Studies, History of Ideas.

  • 10/2015-present PhD Student in the doctorate programme Bonn International Graduate School – Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS)

  • 10/2010-present PhD Student at the Department for Oriental Studies, University of Cologne

  • 10/2001-06/2009 Magistra Artium (M.A.) in Oriental Studies, Political Sciences and English/American Literature, University of Cologne with first-class Honours

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