BIGS-OAS Scholarship

From 2015 till 2019 BIGS-OAS is able to award some grants for conference trips and research stays. For further information click here21

General Informations

BIGS-OAS annually awards two stipends to BIGS-PhD students of the respective new Peer Group (resp. who joined the International Peer group in the last turn). These stipends start being payed at the beginning of the second year.

One important concern of the graduate school is to support our students actively in raising their own funding, which will be done by the following means:

  • regular classes on "how to write an application or funding", "planning a carreer", "time management", that are part of the ordinary curriculum
  • guidance and supervision in writing your exposé for potential donor agencies
  • subject-specific and formal guidance and support by your PhD supervisor as well as other researchers at BIGS-OAS

Through the self-employed fundraising and the experience of passing the application process PhD students are supposed to gain first competences to later acquire funding for post-doc projects. Our students are highly encouraged to develope follow-up projects before the end of their PhD.


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