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Śāntinātha Basti

In the Śāntinātha Temple at Venur, an upper chamber has been constructed above the hall (maṇḍapa) of the temple. Two shrines, one dedicated to Ādinātha and one housing the statues of all twenty-four Jinas flank the entrance to the basti. The roof design of the Ādinātha shrine is typical of the area of coastal Karnataka and Kerala, by having an overhanging roof supported on pillars. This creates a sheltered ambulatory. The same roof design has also been applied in the Śāntinātha Basti.

Temple complex from the east © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Śāntinātha Basti from the southeast © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Ādinātha shrine flanking the entrance to the Śāntinātha Basti © Julia A.B. Hegewald

Statue of Gommaṭeśvara

The colossal Gommaṭeśvara image at Venur is one of the four giant monoliths found in Karnataka. It has been raised roughly at the centre of a large courtyard and dates from 1606 CE. A statue of Brahma-deva has been raised on a tall pillar facing the walled complex.

Brahma-stambha in front of the enclosure © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Statue of Gommaṭeśvara © Julia A.B. Hegewald
View from statue towards the gate © Julia A.B. Hegewald

Pārśvanātha Basti

The Pārśvanātha Temple at Venur has a central image chamber (garbha-gr̥ha) encircled by an internal circumumbulation path (pradakṣiṇā-patha) and one surrounding the temple as a whole on the outside. There is a supplementary raised storey, which is used for the storage of ritual implements such as palanquins, and special outfits for religious statues. A temporary roof made of plastic and cloth has been used to connect the semi-open porch with the gateway providing access to the basti complex at Venur. Due to this improvised roof construction, worshippers are always covered against the sun and rain from the moment they enter the outer temple gateway.

Gate to the east © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Entrance porch of the temple © Julia A.B. Hegewald
View from the northwest © Julia A.B. Hegewald
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