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Jaina temples in Vijayavada

The Śrī Sambhavanātha Jaina Temple and the Śrī Sambhavanātha Rājendra Sūrī Jaina Temple are situated in the city of Vijayavada. Even though both temples have storage and communal spaces on the ground floor, they still have two superimposed image chambers above. In both examples, there are two large individual shrines on the first floor. As the temples belong to the local Śvetāmbara community, tīrtha-paṭas (pilgrimage banners) figure prominently and the second shrine of the Śrī Sambhavanātha Jaina Temple has almost exclusively been dedicated to the veneration of such pilgrimage representations. Both temples at Vijayavada have further shrines situated on the third floor, the roof level of the temple structures. The simple uppermost shrine of the Sambhavanātha Temple has been integrated into the superstructure (śikhara) of the temple and houses two paintings of siddhas.

Śrī Sambhavanātha Jaina Śvetāmbara Temple

View towards the temple, located in a narrow street © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Frontal view of the temple © Julia A.B. Hegewald
A lady venerates a statue on a siṁhāsana-stand © Julia A.B. Hegewald

Śrī Sambhavanātha Rājendra Sūrī Jaina Śvetāmbara Temple

Frontal view of the temple © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Roof top © Julia A.B. Hegewald
Tīrtha-paṭas © Julia A.B. Hegewald
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