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01. Juni 2021

Vietnam Views - The Governance-Cizizen Relationship in Vietnam Vietnam Views - The Governance-Cizizen Relationship in Vietnam

tomorrow: Dr. Thaveeporn Vasavakul, Governance Support Facility Initiatives, Cupertino

VIETNAM VIEWS – an online lecture series

In view of Vietnam's increasing relevance, not only in the region of Southeast Asia, it makes sense to deal with the country's state of affairs in the fields of politics, societal and economic developments. However, Vietnam's special standing – consistently socialist-ruled, economically emerging – also reveals many contrasts behind the apparent efficiency. This year also saw the 13th Party Congress of the CPV, which will have a decisive impact on the country's development in the coming years. In addition to the international significance attributed to the country, the insights into current developments certainly allow us to make statements about possible consequences for the people.

Zoom Link: https://uni-bonn.zoom.us/j/95601229785?pwd=NThRT1o4ekpCUmlTNmdmQ2xsVWszQT09

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