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Salama Kassem, M.A.

Salama Kassem, M.A.
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Salama Kassem, M.A.

Research Unit of Islamic Archaeology

Brühler Str. 7

53119 Bonn

" Social and Economic Networks in Late Medieval Rural, southern Greater Syria: An Archaeometrical Study of Mamluk Pottery"

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bethany J. Walker

  • 10/2019-present: Ph.D. candidate Bonn International Graduate School – Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS)
  • 2017 – 2019: MA Islamic Archaeology, University of Bonn (1,5 )
  • 2017: Postgraduate Certificate (Accompanying Programme education of Leadership ), Konstanz University
  • 2015 – 2017: MA Near Eastern Archaeology, Free University Berlin (no grade)
  • 2008/ 2009- 2012: BA Archaeology, Damascus University (76,47 % Very Good)
  • 2020-2021: International Graduate School – Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS)-Ph.D. Scholarship, University of Bonn, Germany
  • 2018: James A. Sauer Memorial Fellowship, American Centre of Oriental Research
  • 2015: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) MA Scholarship
  • 2021: Tell Hisban Excavation, Jordan (dir. Prof. Bethany Walker), Ceramicist and Stratigraphic Archaeologist
  • 2016-present: Pergamon Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin, Museum Guide (as a volunteer in Multaka Project).
  • 2018-2019: Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg, founded by  DFG Research Group  "History and Society during the Mamluk Era (1250-1517)", Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Bonn, Student Assistant.
  • 2018: Tell Hisban Excavation, Jordan (dir. Prof. Bethany Walker), Archaeologist
  • 2013-2015: Department of Archaeology, Damascus University, Syria, Teaching assistant
  • 2012: Hammam al-Qaramānῑ Excavation, Old Damascus, Researcher
  • 2011 – 2012: Bab Kissan Excavation, Old Damascus
  • 2010: Maaloula Excavation (dir. Prof. Dr Nicholas Conrad), Researcher
  • 2010: Daraa Archaeological Survey (dir. Dr Ahmad Diab), Researcher
  • 2010: Balaas Excavation (dir. Prof. Dr Frederic Abbes), Researcher
  • 2009: Balaas Excavation (dir. Prof. Dr Frederic Abbes), Trainee
  • 2018: Archaeometrical Lab Training: Scientific analysis: by means of Petrography (Thin Section), XRD, XRF, and EMPA to investigate and source of the raw materials, and the technology utilized to produce ceramic pots, Yarmouk University.
  • 2018: International Symposium Workshop: Materials Entanglements in the Islamic World: New Approaches to Islamic Archaeology &Ceramics, Leiden University (NL)
  • 2018: Digital Requirements for Archaeologists Workshop: How to join the Initiatives of Cultural Heritage Protection with Digital Tools?, DAI "German Archaeological Institute", Berlin
  • 2017: Architectural Documentation Workshop: Manual methods in documentation of built heritage, with practical exercises on documentation of architectural blocks. Technical University of Berlin (TU-Berlin)
  • 2017: Fall School: "Science and Technology in the Middle Islamic  Periods" [Webinar], University of Bonn
  • 2017: Certificate of the Environmental Methods in Mamluk and Islamic Studies, Spring School: "Material Culture Methods in Mamluk Studies", Bonn University
  • 2016: Certificate of the Environmental Methods in Mamluk and Islamic Studies, Spring School: " Environmental Approaches and Islamic Studies", Bonn University
  • 2016: Design Thinking Workshop, Konstanz University
  • 2016: Intercultural Awareness and Leadership Training Workshop, Konstanz University
  • 2016: Coaching Workshop: Principles and Pragmatism, Konstanz University
  • 2013: Certificate of Training Course in Pottery Restoration, Damascus University
  • 2010: Certificate of Achievement (Classification of Pottery), Leiden University

Since Oct.2020: Member of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), France

  • Arabic (native)
  • Kurdish (Kurmanji) (native)
  • English (professional working proficiency)
  • German (professional working proficiency)
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