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The Library of the Islamic Archaeology Research Unit

AIA library boasts of having the largest collection specializing in Islamic archaeology at Bonn University.

Constructed with great care and diligence through nearly a decade of major and minor research projects, the collection caters specifically to specialists in the fields of Islamic archaeology, ceramics, art history, epigraphy, and ethnography with special emphasis on medieval Islam. Moreover, A good portion of the library is devoted to Bilad al-Sham.

This portion of the library has emerged as a support for and consequence of years of fieldwork conducted by AIA and contains not only the essential but also the indispensable Bilad al-Sham references.

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Primary sources:
Scholars, students, and victors of the AIA can avail themselves of a select collection of books, journals, research reports, dissertations, edited manuscripts, tax registers, and court records.
Secondary sources:
In addition to primary sources, the library catalog includes definitive titles in many relevant research areas. The library catalog of books serves a wide range of topics that have sprung up and continue to be expanded and updated by the necessities of field research, making this collection particularly unique among Bonn University libraries.
AIA library remains up-to-date on all relevant research projects, reports, reviews, and articles through live subscriptions to major journals in the fields of archaeology and Islamic archaeology.

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