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Auslaufender Studiengang M.A. Asienwissenschaften: Schwerpunkt Islamic Archaeology

In diesen Studiengang kann man sich nicht mehr einschreiben.

The M.A. in ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY is mainly taught by PROF. BETHANY J. WALKER, an international highly recognized researcher and expert in ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY, publisher and editor of numerous groundbreaking publications as well as head of several excavations in the Middle East. Her classes are taught in English.It includes modules such as INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC MATERIAL CULTURE, THE ORY AND METHODS IN ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY, or RESEARCH PROBLEMS IN ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY TODAY as well as an INTERNSHIP IN ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY.
The newly established M.A. in ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY provides the unique opportunity for students to study in Bonn not only the Islamic culture in general but its archaeology in particular and is supported by the possibility of hands-on trainings in the Laboratory of the RESEARCH UNIT OF ISLAMIC ARCHAEOLOGY which contains thousands of artifacts from the Middle East, especially pottery but also glassware, metal objects, lithics and bones.The students may also seize the opportunity to participate in one of the international research projects or to be part of an international Field School at Tall Hisban, Jordan, a multi-component Tell Site in Central Jordan with Roman ruins and a medieval castle, situated in the Madaba Plains.
Prof. Dr. Bethany J. Walker
Research Professor of Mamluk Studies at
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn
Research Unit of Islamic Archaeology
Brühler Straße 7, 53119 Bonn
Gemany Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg,
Heussallee 18-24
53113 Bonn, Germany
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Tel: +49 228 73 60 237 or
+49 228 73 4187 or
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