Director of the IOA

Prof. Dr. Harald Meyer

Tel.: +49 228 73 7223

Deputy Director

Prof. Dr. Christoph Antweiler

Tel.: +49 228 73 8439


Dr. Gabriele Reifenrath

Tel.: +49 228 73 7287

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Director's Secretariat

Edith Wilhelms
Tel.: +49 228 73 7223
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Study environment

The University of Bonn has a long-standing tradition dating back almost 200 years for successfully linking traditional and modern values. The university enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad. Bonn University’s student population is about 27,000 and the university is one of Germany’s largest institutions. However, all study facilities are easily accessible. Courses taught at the IOA are held at the main Schloss site or immediately nearby. Bonn is an international hub and host to several UN institutions. The city also has excellent worldwide travel links from nearby Cologne/Bonn Airport. You can enjoy an excursion to the Eifel region, or Bonn and Cologne’s colourful nightlife and take relaxing walks along the river Rhine or a weekend trip to Brussels or Amsterdam. Bonn has a unique blend of excellent study facilities, a wide variety of leisure activities and high living standards. The region has all the potential to become your second home.

If you have already decided to study here and are looking for tips about accommodation, financial planning etc., please refer to this link (in German):


Information for international students (in English):

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