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Vortrag am digitalen Dies academicus am 02.12.2020

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Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar and Vietnam: State, Survival and Suffering

Dr. Vadim Atnashev (North-West Academy of Public Administration - St. Petersburg, Russia) & Phuong Le Trong (Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften, Abt. Südostasienwissenschaft) on Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar and Vietnam: State, Survival and Suffering

"The Cham are one of the largest indigenous peoples living in Central and South Vietnam. Their own state, Champa (2nd-18th centuries), was gradually absorbed and destroyed by the Vietnamese. Despite the loss of their statehood, lands and the tough assimilation policy and expulsion, the Chams managed to preserve their ethnic identity. However, they have long become a refugee people, with parts living today in Vietnam and Cambodia (where they suffered a genocide under the Red Khmers). The Cham are still facing violation of their fundamental rights, that is primarily based on the minorities’ discrimination. Similarly, the Shan are the largest of the ethnic groups living in multinational Myanmar, inhabiting especially the eastern plateau. Belonging to the stock of Tai ethnics who are spread over large parts of Mainland Southeast Asia, the Shan people have a history and cultural tradition of their own and a developed literature and religion, Buddhism. They have played many prominent roles, as polity, in the process of nation-building of Myanmar. Nevertheless, the historical legacy that introduced considerable tensions since the independence after WW II, throughout the military dictatorship, now in the current democratization process, instituted a political and socio-cultural divide, continuing violent conflicts and sufferings. How can minorities survive and develop under such repressive conditions? This presentation will explore some key facts in a historical context to better understand their situation."

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