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Vortrag von Tillo Detige

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Funerary Monuments of the Digambara Jaina Renouncers: Montag, 23.11.2020, Beginn: 18.15 Uhr als online als Zoom-Meeting.

Funerary Monuments of the Digambara Jaina Renouncers

The main ritual and devotional focus of the Jaina traditions are the fully-liberated teachers (jina, tīrthaṅkara). However, non-liberated renouncers are also venerated, both during their life and after death. Memorials of Digambara ascetics were commonly erected in early modern (1400-1800 CE) Western and Central India. Commemorative pillars (niṣedhikā) or carved feet or footprints (caraṇa, pādukā) were typically installed in open pavilions (chatarī). Their inscriptions constitute an important source to reconstruct the history of Digambara Jainism in the so-called ‘Muslim era’. The presentation will also focus on material and ritual aspects, and offer a comparative look at some South Indian, contemporary, and Śvētāmbara parallels.
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