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Studies in Asian Art and Culture

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The series ‘Studies in Asian Art and Culture’ (SAAC) follows a number of aims. Contrasting with already existing publication series, the focus of SAAC is wider. In addition to books on ‘classical’ genres, such as painting, sculpture, architecture and archaeology, the series includes publications on decorative arts, jewellery, textiles, so-called ‘folk art’, lesser studied areas such as church and synagogue building in Asia, Sikh art, photography, film, installation art and new media.

A further aim is to publish new material from the cultural sciences more widely, on inter- and transdisciplinary subjects and particularly studies which combine research from the humanities and the social sciences. In terms of geographic scope, the series reflects the regional remit of the Department of Asian and Islamic Art History at the University of Bonn, and includes material from the Islamic world, from South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and from the Himalayan and Central Asian cultural realms.

SAAC’s wide range of titles includes books for academics, students and general readers. Our publications present new material and shed light on recent discoveries of global interest, they provide fresh and original insights into well-known objects and periods and provide reference works and textbooks for students.

The books are peer reviewed, beautifully produced and written by experts in their fields. Publications are predominantly in English but manuscripts in other European languages will be considered.


Catalogue of the Published Volumes of the SAAC Series



New releases

SAAC Band 7
In the Footsteps of the Masters: Footprints, Feet and Shoes as Objects of Veneration in Asian, Islamic and Mediterranean Art

SAAC Series Volume 7

Julia A. B. Hegewald (ed.)

price: 139 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-332-1

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SAAC Band 6

Cooperation, Contribution and Contestation: The Jain Community, Colonialism and Jainological Scholarship, 1800-1950

SAAC Series Volume 6

Andrea Luithle-Hardenberg, John E. Cort and Leslie C. Orr

price: 69 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-316-1

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 Our publications

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saac3.png Understanding the Hindu Temple: History,

Symbols and Forms

SAAC Series Volume 2

Tiziana Lorenzetti


price: 34,80 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-164-8

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Jaina Painting and Manuscript Culture: In Memory of Paolo Pinarosa

SAAC Series Volume 3

Julia A. B. Hegewald


price: 78 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-174-7

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Cultural Exchange in Eighteenth-Century India:
Poetry and Paintings from Kishangarh

SAAC Series Volume 4

Heidi Pauwels 

price: 45 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-184-6

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The Samādhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Lahore: A Summation of Sikh Architectural and Decorative Practices

SAAC Series Volume 5

Nadhra Shahbaz Khan

price: 78 €

ISBN: 978-3-86893-271-3

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