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Department of Asian and Islamic Art History

BA programme with two main subjects

German Title: Asiatische und Islamische Kunstgeschichte (Fach im Zwei-Fach-Modell)

The BA programme with two main subjects: ‘Asian and Islamic Art History’ offers students the opportunity to obtain simultaneously a degree in two subjects. Asian and Islamic Art History is a science based on objects which will se studied under consideration of their cultural, social, religious and political context. The students examine objects, which are mainly derived from religious contexts, as well as secular and religious architecture. New media and applied arts will also included in the curricular in accordance with the extended art concept. This subject focusses on the material culture of Asia and the Orient.

Students acquire classical art-historical and archaeological methods in order to study this cultural heritage and apply selected theories and methods derived from cultural sciences. The curriculum is based on the latest scientific discussions in art history and related fields.

The course compromises of seven compulsory modules and an elective section. The compulsory section of this course encompasses 66 LP. Each module compromises of 12 LP, except for two modules „Basismodul I: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in der Asiatischen und Islamischen Kunstgeschichte“ and „Aufbaumodul III: Lehrforschungsmodul – Systematik und Berufsfelder“, for which the students will be credided 6 LP on completion. The elective section contains modules offered by the Department of Asian and Islamic Art History, as well as other departments of the IOA and the art historical department (Kunsthistorisches Institut - KHI). Students have to select one module, consisting of 12 LP, in the elective section. In addition, one module (12 LP) from the supply of the Philosophical Faculty has to be completed and 78 LP are allotted to the secound main subject.

In this way, the content of the B.A. course mediates theories and methods to reflect on the broad field of art and architecture and helps to gain new insights in those fields. Beside the traditional art historical occupations, the study of this course qualifies for employment in the cultural sector.

The BA degree in Asian Studies is currently open to all students. There are no entrance restrictions.
For more information about enrolment, please refer to the main university website. Details about enrolment dates are available here.


Academic Advisor

Dr. Sandra Schlage

Abteilung für Asiatische und Islamische Kunstgeschichte

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